Every design project begins with accurate measurements. And every designer is very aware of the high cost of measuring errors, in materials and customer satisfaction.

In the age of sophisticated design and production software, that allow full control of every tiny detail, there is no room for measurements that cannot be fully relied upon.

Today there are excellent alternatives to hand measurements. InnoDraw allows you to take total control of the entire design process, starting with the accurate digital measurements.

InnoDraw specializes in computerized digital measuring and templating, utilizing cutting edge laser technology that scans the site in great detail- down to the last millimeter.

The services are available for Kitchen & Bedroom showrooms, cabinet manufacturers, countertop fabricators, architects, remodelers- in fact anyone involved in the home improvement industry.

Projects include kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, Splashbacks, wall coverings, windows and doors, and countertops of all types.

With InnoDraw, we assist you to remove the burden of the site measurement , allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Once we receive the contact details of your customer, we schedule a site visit at a convenient time, complete the measurement, and then forward you digital output files and photographs- directly to your computer.

You can now be assured that your design will be based on the most accurate measurements – ensuring a satisfied customer.


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